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We are an established dog daycare who have been around for over a decade. We are so excited to have moved to an amazing new location. It has over 8,000 square feet of inside/outside play area. We have always been and always will be a cage free daycare and our furry friends play all day long. We have the ability to tailor to each dogs needs to ensure they have an amazing experience.we want your dog to go home happy and exhausted!

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Our Services



Furry family member can hang out and play all day and then enjoy a wonderful stay in their own private room. Since they are individual rooms you can bring anything that makes your dog feel comfortable. Please be sure to bring enough food and medication. Reservation are required for boarding


Dogs run around and play all day. We have always been and always will be a cage free daycare. Dogs are allowed to slobber, play and be themselves. Our wonderful staff will make sure your pup goes home tired and happy. Our goal is for your pup to fall asleep on the car ride home! We do evaluations Monday through Friday from 7:30 am - 10 am. Reservations are not required for daycare.


Barkly offers basic baths for your furry friends. Our staff is trained by the amazing groomers at 303 Pet Salon on how to give proper bath.

For full salon and spa services please reach out to 303 Pet Salon at 720-448-6550

They are located inside Barkly Manor. Check them out on Instagram and Facebook below

I can’t say enough good things about this place. The staff take great care of all the animals and treat them as if they are their own. Thank you to everyone who work tirelessly to make sure our companions are safe and sound
— Christopher Smith


Single Dog rates


$48 PER NIGHT...

Boarding Per Night

Single dog boarding includes daycare all day long, and medications needed and your own food. you can bring any toys, bedding or treats to make your dog feel comfortable.

Charge of $2 per meal for Barkly food

$44 PER NIGHT...

Extended stay boarding 6 night or longer

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$29 per day...


Your dog runs and pays all day unless otherwise requested. They have access to inside and outside play all day long.

$27 per day...

5 day Daycare Package

$27 per day total package cost $135

Packages expire 1 year from purchase



$25 PER Day...

10 Day Daycare package

$25 per day with package total $250

Packages expire 1 year from purchase

$23 PER DAY...

20 day daycare package

$23 per day with package total $460

Packages expire 1 year from purchase


Multiple dog rates

$81 per night.. 2 DOGS SAME ROOM $77 per night… EXTENDED stay boarding

$23 PER DOG… 5 DAYS OF DAYCARE FOR 2 DOGS $22 per dog 10 days of daycare for 2 dogs

5 day package total $230 10 day package total $440



Satisfied Customers


 Pet parent portal

Pet parent portal is a great way to update and register for Barkly Manor.

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Lets Play!



mONDAY 6:30 AM - 7 pm

Tuesday 6:30 AM - 7 pm

Wednesday 6:30 AM - 7 pm

Thursday 6:30 AM - 7 pm

Friday 6:30 AM - 7 pm

Saturday 8 am - 11 am and 4 pm -7 pm

Sunday 8 am - 11 am and 4 pm -7 pm





For more information about us and our facility please email us! Thank you